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Protest prohibition withdrawn

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A pro-forestry campaigner is furious at Worksafe Tasmania's decision to withdraw its ban on Bob Brown Foundation protests in working forests, after a Hobart Magistrate described them as "unjustifiably wide".

Pro logging advocate Kelly Wilton described the decision as baffling and mystifying when she spoke with Aaron Stevens on Tasmania Talks.

"I can't understand why there was an issue with the statewide ban when their workplace, as admitted by the Bob Brown Foundation, could be anywhere in Tasmania. It didn't shut their whole business down, they're still able to operate other activities that didn't involve forestry protests." 

The Foundation was set to appeal the prohibition in court yesterday, after being threatened with fines of up to half a million dollars for activities like tree-sitting and equipment lock-downs.

Ms Wilton was in court for yesterday's hearing, where she noticed Worksafe Boss Simon Cocker inexplicably changed his mind.

"Up until it was adjourned at lunch time yesterday he was prepared to go ahead, and then over that lunch break after the constitutional grounds were withdrawn, after lunchtime he comes back and withdraws the order."

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