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Agricultural shows plead for help

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Agricultural festivals across Australia are facing some tough times, as coronavirus restrictions continue.

The Royal Agricultural Society of Tasmania is asking the Federal Government for financial help to keep its 24 events here afloat.

CEO Scott Gadd says despite the virtual world proving successful for AgFest this year, the same can't be said for farming shows.

"I know shows are looking at what they can do in a virtual sense. I know particularly the 'Royals' - Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide are all looking at that now. But the financial reality is there's not a proven business model that's going to generate enough economic activity through those models to sustain the societies," he said.

"Other businesses depend on shows that then work their way around the circuits thoughout the country. So when you start to lose one or two or ten or twenty it's a major disrutoption to all those businesses and it could create a bit of a domino effect where shows in the main become unviable down the track."

The proposed recovery package by Agricultural Shows Australia’s comprises three components; up to $30 million for capital city royal shows, up to $12.175m for state affiliated agricultural societies and $500,000 in operational support for ASA over two years.

 Image: Pixabay

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