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Smothering the curse

Tasmania keeps chipping away in its war on coronavirus as another day passes without a new infection appearing.

Just one new case has been discovered in the state in the past 12 days.

Director of Public Health Dr Mark Veitch has outlined just how far the state has come in tackling the virus.

"We still have 14 active cases, three of whom are in hospital and 36 close contacts of those cases who are in quarantine, we expect by the end of the month if we have no further cases or contacts that we may be in the fortunate situation of having no close contacts of cases still quarantined in Tasmania.

Tasmania's solid headway in crushing coronavirus has the Premier sounding encouraged about the prospects for further constraints to be removed.

However, Premier Gutwein is sticking to his time frame for making decisions, noting we are still only in the first week of the first phase of lowered restrictions.

"At the third week, when we look to the review of whether or not we can move to stage two which will be just before the long weekend next month, if we can ease the restrictions on boating and the limits of municipalities and also the 30 kilometre limit in terms of travelling to a national park, we will look to do so then."



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