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Cygnet Folk Festival cancelled

cygnet folk festival

Another major event in Tasmania has been cancelled due to coronavirus.

Organisers of the Cygnet Folk Festival in the state's south say the 6000 attendees brought to the township every January posed an "unacceptable health risk".

It was also thought the basic camping facilities on offer meant strict hygiene measures would be hard to adhere to.

The beloved music event is essentially funded by its previous instalment and with international guests likely to be off the agenda, the festival stood to lose thousands of dollars.

"We are naturally, waiting to see what restrictions are in place over the next few months to ascertain whether it may be possible to host a few smaller events during the year," Artistic Director Erin Collins said.

Efforts and resources are now being put towards the 40th anniversary of the Cygnet Folk Festival in 2022.

 Image: Cygnet Folk Festival Facebook

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