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Tasmanians want super rise locked in


A new poll has found more than three quarters of Tasmanians back the plan to increase the superannuation rate.

Under current federal legislation, the rate of super paid on top of wages will incrementally lift from 9.5 per cent to 12 per cent by 2025.

But some in the Morrison Government including Senator Eric Abetz believe it should be ditched because of pressure on business during COVID-19.

"You get no super if you haven't got a job. Just hold off until things settle down a bit," New England MP Joyce told The Age earlier this week.

Industry Super Australia commissioned UMR to poll 1770 people across the country on the issue, finding 67 per cent in favour of the rise.

In Tasmania, respondents were even more favourable, 76 per cent wanting the annual half-a-percent for their retirement savings.

"The community know about economic downturns and see these rate rises as locked in and an important part of their future savings plan. The public does not take kindly to politicians tinkering with super, no matter how much they claim it is for their own good," Industry Super Australia Chief Executive Bernie Dean said.

“The Prime Minister and Treasurer wouldn’t want to risk a generation of Australian workers being dumped on the pension to be their lasting legacy; they know we would all pay for that through higher taxes.” 

 Image: Pixabay

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