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Tasmanians still stranded overseas


A Hobart family remains stuck in the Philippines after their latest booked return flight fell through on the weekend.

Brett Riseley says the Australian Government's advice to return home was issued two days AFTER the lockdown in the Philippines where his family has been stranded since March.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison argues there's been ample time for people to get home and the Federal Government is now limiting the amount of returning travellers to Australia, which Cathay Pacific cited as the reason for cancelling Mr Riseley's most recent booking.

"The lockdown here started on the 15th of March - including domestic and international travel - and the Australian Government's advice to come home was issued on the 17th of March. So by the time the advice was given we were stuck 600km from Manila," he said.

In total, they've had 10 flights cancelled and are still waiting on refunds from a number of airlines and travel agencies.

The family paid around $600 to get someone to drive them back to locked-down Manila where they've been waiting for good news.

Mr Riseley - who works in aged care and who's leave has now run out - says only business class passengers were allowed onto the most recent flight.

"If we're stuck here for much longer my funds are going to run out. At the moment we've got a place that's reasonably cheap...it's under $40 a night. The place the consulate recommended was over $100 a night with no cooking facilities so we would have had to live off takeway which is no good for a 3-year-old."

Overseas arrivals to NSW now have to fork out $3000 for their hotel quarantine unless they purchased flights before July 12, after Premier Gladys Berejiklian announced the taxpayer would no longer foot the bill.

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