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Site to tackle suicide taboo


The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare is putting an unprecedented spotlight on Australia's suicide epidemic.

Around 3000 lives are lost around the country each year, or around 2 per cent of all deaths, to what's often considered a taboo topic.

The toll includes around 80 fatalities a year in Tasmania.

A new website is bringing together key statistics from sources around the country aims to inform the public as well as identify at-risk groups.

The database will be fed by the latest data; current coroners figures on suicide are around two years out of date. 

"The more we can understand what is behind suicidal behaviour, what is behind some of these figures, the more we can understand they represent real people, then I really hope we can start to reduce the stigma around this conversation," said Mental Health Commission CEO Christine Morgan. 

Anyone needing help can call Lifeline on 13 11 14.


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