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Animosity building over land tax

Land taxes going through the roof in Tasmania at a time when the pandemic is already gutting some of the economy is building resentment.

Premier Gutwein's latest response of showing no intent to intervene has poured fuel on the fire.

"What it tells us is that through a pandemic, through one of the most difficult periods in our history that the value of people's investment has held up, whilst that will be cold comfort for those paying the bill, at the end of the day that is a good outcome in terms of our property values."

Land taxes are calculated on the value of a property.

The Property Owners Association's called out the inconsistency of removing the requirement for rent to be paid, while landlords are slogged with soaring land tax bills.

Kingborough Mayor Dean Winter's also unimpressed.

"We understand that governments need to collect revenue to pay for services, but the point the Premier made very clear to us is that he expected no increase in rates for this financial year and to find that land tax has increased after he said that is very disappointing and a bit puzzling."

In a statement, Finance Minister Michael Ferguson had some advice for those feeling the squeeze.  

"Anyone experiencing difficulty paying their land tax can apply to the Commissioner of State Revenue to defer lump sum payments and pay their land tax by instalments."

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