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Real time fuel pricing paying off


There are indications the government's new petrol price website is having an impact.

It's been a month since real time fuel price reporting became law in Tasmania and the RACT's Stacey Pennicott says in the four weeks before it was introduced, Tasmanians were ripped off at the bowser to the tune of $342,000.

Since real-time prices became readily available online, she says that's improved by $115,000 - described as still a long way to go, but showing there's finally some pressure on retailers to compete.

“I think we are starting to see retailers respond to the extra scrutiny. Recently, while the wholesale price of unleaded petrol increased the retail price that motorists paid was stable. This is in stark contrast to previous months when even small wholesale increases have resulted in significant price hikes at the bowser. "

Diesel consumers are being warned there's still plenty of room for improvement in that price, where the gap between wholesale and retail continues to grow.

“However, what is of concern is the price of diesel, where the gap between the wholesale price and the retail price appears to be getting bigger."

“The only way we are going to close the gap between the wholesale price and the retail price is if motorists shop around. Now that we have the tools that we need to shop around online before we even get in our cars, it’s up to motorists to take advantage and save at the bowser."

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