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SA arrivals policy might soften soon

Adelaide's coronavirus outbreak not behaving in an explosive manner so far has Tasmania's government poised to loosen the self isolation imposition on South Australian travellers from November 7th up until yesterday (Monday).

Premier Gutwein is asking they lay low for another 24 hours while it becomes clearer just how far the virus penetrated into the South Australian community.

"Subject to circumstances continuing favourably, as is the advice is from South Australia, we would hope that as of tomorrow that those visitors will be able to return to their normal activities."

Medium alert still applies for current arrivals from South Australia, meaning compulsory quarantine, however the Premier is indicating that is open for potential adjustment later this week.

Tasmania's Director of Public Health Dr Mark Veitch is buoyed by South Australia's position remaining contained.

"The situation in South Australia is looking very favourable, the 20 cases that they have diagnosed so far are all linked to each other, so there are no unexplained cases in South Australia."


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