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Hot weather prompts pet warning

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We're being reminded to keep an eye on our pets on scorching days like today.

RSPCA Tasmania maintains bringing animals inside is the best option.

"If you can let them in - into the air conditioning - that's the best way to deal with it. If you can't, then you need to make sure they've got plenty of shade and plenty of water. Be careful and thoughtful about making sure that they're okay when it's very, very hot," CEO Jan Davis said.

There's also another strong warning on the dangers of leaving dogs in cars. 

"It doesn't matter if the windows are tinted, it doesn't matter if you leave the air-con on, it doesn't matter if you leave the windows open. Cars get really, really, really hot. And dogs can die in as little as six minutes," she said.  

A total fire ban remains in place for Southern Tasmania until 2am on Tuesday, due to low humidity and the chance of dry lightning on Monday evening. 

No fires are allowed in the open air, including incinerators, burn-offs, campfires, fire pots, and wood-fuelled barbecues in 12 municipalities: Brighton, Derwent Valley, Hobart, Sorell, Central Highlands, Glamorgan Spring Bay, Huon Valley, Southern Midlands, Clarence, Glenorchy, Kingborough and Tasman.

 Image: Pixabay

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