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Election still not fully resolved

A definitive result in the Tasmanian election is still yet to nailed down as the vote counting wears on.

It is expected to be finalised this week, with the prospect of the Liberals securing majority government remaining on track.

Political analyst Kevin Bonham told Tasmania Talks, the Liberals were probably expecting a more resounding victory.

"I think there was potential for the government to win this election by more but it didn't happen partly because of the nature of the campaign, COVID tended to take a back seat and other issues came flooding in, there were enough things there to discourage a lot of people from switching their vote over to the government."

He considers the election went a little haywire.

"The calling of the election, aspects of it, caught everybody by surprise including, it seems, the people who called it, chaos, it does feel like a decision made quite quickly."


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