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Tasmania's mask mandate

From Saturday September 18th, everyone at an event with a crowd of more than a thousand in Tasmania, both in and outdoors, will have to wear a mask.

It means the mask wearing will become necessary at the famous Salamanca Market in Hobart.

As coronavirus battles interstate deteriorate, Director of Public Health Dr Mark Veitch is aiming to minimise the impact if the virus returns to our shores.

"It's a cheap intervention, we know that it does help prevent transmission, so I think that's the principle rationale, it's an enabling thing, to enable people to have these events in a risky time."

Meanwhile, coronavirus vaccination numbers are growing ahead of time in Tasmania as 47% of the eligible population is now fully double dosed.

80% has been cited as the target for when Australia's policy around lockdowns and border closures move to a new phase.

Premier Gutwein anticipates that mark being reached in around 7 weeks time.

"We should have reached our 80% of people being fully vaccinated some time in late October or early November, which will be a number of weeks in front of where we thought we were going to be."


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