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Uproar over Anti-Salmon billboards


(Photo: Neighbours of Fish Farming https://neighboursoffishfarming.org.au/)

Tasmanian based group Neighbours of Fish Farming (NOFF) have responded to the backlash of their anti-salmon billboards.

The red signs have been put up across regional Victoria, reading "Eating Salmon? Killing Tasmania".

The group are campaigning against the farms and their impacts, saying salmon farms are wreaking havoc on the state’s environment.

NOFF have insisted they are not opposed to salmon farming itself, instead saying they want the practice to be done in a non-polluting, sustainable way, preferably on land, and with much more government and industry transparency.

Premier Peter Gutwein has slammed the billboards, accusing NOFF of being politically motivated.

Tasmania's salmon sector is estimated to be worth just over $1 billion, according to the latest Tasmanian Agri-Food Scorecard.

"The salmon industry operates within stringent environmental guidelines set by the EPA, and, we will have more to say on further steps that will be taken to support the salmon industry on its continued journey of sustainability and innovation" says Gutwein in a released statement.

The views are shared by the Opposition, Labor's Shadow Minister for Primary Industries and Water Janie Finlay speaking out against the campaign.

"The advertising campaign appearing on the mainland is unacceptable and an attack on Tasmanian jobs" Finlay said on Friday.

NOFF have now responded, thanking the Premier for "drawing attention to the billboards".

President Peter George has released a statement saying they'll take down the billboards "when the Premier starts doing his job of bringing this rogue industry to heel and ends the destruction that is so damaging the Tasmanian brand Australia wide".

“It’s sad to see the Premier peddling the salmon barons’ propaganda,” Mr George said.

To read the Premier's statement in full, click here.

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