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Release the hounds


Hobart, Launceston and Devonport will go to the dogs on Sunday morning, as greyhounds and other sighthounds take to the streets in celebration of the breed.

Tasmanian hounds and their humans will join in the Great Global Greyhound Walk, but other breeds are also welcome to support their lanky cousins.

The Launceston event starts at Blu Café at 10.30 am, the Hobart event at the Cenotaph at 10.30 am and the Devonport event at Drift café at 10.00 am. 

More retired racers are finding homes as pets after recent TasRacing reforms streamlined the adoption process.

Rosalie Saville from the Greyhound Rehabilitation Enthusiasts Association of Tasmania says they make a great, low-maintenance pet.

"Greyhounds were originally bred as housedogs for the elite, so they laze around the house and they like to go for a bit of a run and then that's it; usually around half an hour of exercise a day is enough for them," she said. 

"Since accredited greyhounds became muzzle free in Tasmania in 2018 their popularity has gained momentum."

Image: the elegant Mr Darcy, of Mt Nelson, models a bespoke Kmart beanbag in a typical pose

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