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Murder trial underway


A murder trial has begun in the Launceston Supreme Court.

Natalie Maher is accused of the murder of her mother 71 year old Veronica Corstophine in October 2019.

The court heard Ms Corstophine's body was found on October 29 2019 at her Kearne Street home - after friends raised the alarm having not heard from her.

Ms Corstophine had been living at the home for three years after moving from Queensland.

It's alleged that she was murdered between October 3 and October 5 2019.

Ms Maher has pleaded not guilty to murdering her mother.

She was extradited to Tasmania to face charges in November 2019 - where she has remained in custody ever since.

During the jury empanelling, it was asked whether anybody felt uncomfortable due to the COVID situation and vaccinations - nothing was raised.

A range of witnesses - including family, friends and professionals - will be heard from during the trial, expected to finish no later than the end of the first week of November.

The trial continues tomorrow for opening statements.

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