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Murder trial hears from forensic pathologist


A Launceston Supreme Court jury has heard from the state's forensic pathologist about the autopsy conducted on 71 year old Veronica Costorphine.

Natalie Maher has plead not guilty to her mother's murder in October 2019 at her home on Keane St West, South Launceston.

On Tuesday morning, the jury was shown a folder of photos of evidence from the crime scene - including a note signed by Ms Costorphine and lifted fingerprints.

In the afternoon, the jury heard from Dr Donald Ritchey about the autopsy - and the challenges considering the level of decomposition in Ms Costorphine's body, which wasn't discovered for more than three weeks.

Dr Ritchey said it was his opinion that her death was caused by someone else - formed from autopsy information and police body camera footage.

The trial continues today, with Dr Ritchey again taking the stand - cross examination by defence counsel Evan Hughes to continue.



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