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Tasmania opens on December 15th

December 15th is opening day for Tasmania to all of Australia and the world, as the state achieves it's 90% of the eligible population double dose fully covid vaccinated.

The Premier's referred to Kirby Institute modelling in the planning for arrivals not being required to quarantine.

"Anyone will be able to enter Tasmania from anywhere in Australia subject to being fully vaccinated if they are 12 years and over and having a negative test result within 72 hours of travelling."

Health Minister Jeremy Rockliff recognises some in Tasmania will be extremely anxious that the state will inevitably be dealing with Covid getting back in.

"We have been building capacity within our health system over the course of the last 12 months and more also assure Tasmanians that we are, within our health system, as prepared as we possibly can be."

Robbie Moore from the Health and Community Services Union tells a different story.

"To do it safely we need to have enough health staff on board and we are still seeing the health system at capacity every day, there is no capacity to deal with extra cases."

Luxury Tasmanian resort Saffire has most of its forward bookings from Victoria and New South Wales and is looking to bump up its workforce in readiness for their return.

GM Ross Boobyer is encouraging attendance at Saffire's Careers Expo this Wednesday at Hobart's Henry Jones Art Hotel from 10am to 2pm.

"We're looking for hopefully the next budding range of tourism superstars to come and join us, once they come on board we have a three month training programme to get them ready."




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