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Introducing the TasTalks Fortuner thanks to Gowans Toyota Devonport and Burnie

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Why the all-new Toyota Fortuner?

You’d remember how I felt restricted here in Tassie driving a city hatch and just how much of this incredibly beautiful state was inaccessible to me, and the show, without a 4WD.

You very generously called in with many suggestions as to what would be an ideal vehicle to take Tasmania Talks “On The Road” – and off it.

After much thinking and research I reached a few fairly solid conclusions: 

A soft-roader just wasn’t going to cut it – which ruled out most of the 4WDs and all of the ‘faux-wheel drives’ currently on the market.

It had to be a Tassie-tough, proven hard-core high-riding (ladder chassis) turbo-diesel 4WD but with refined road manners, plenty of kit and towing capacity, and 5 star safety.

Affordable pricing was also key to this decision.

The term “unbreakable” kept popping into my head and that can only mean one thing, the globally recognised class-leading Toyota HiLux.

But wait, I needed a wagon not a ute and preferably a 7-seater.

Which is exactly what the new Toyota Fortuner is – an unbreakable HiLux ute morphed into a classy-but- rugged 7-seat wagon with a more luxurious, bespoke interior.

It’s the just right size to make city driving and parking a breeze and it is whisper quiet on the highway, on the way to the rough stuff.

And when you get there, the Fortuner’s Hi and Low-range selectable 4WD with rear diff lock will ensure you get back too.


The new Fortuner shares its chassis, front suspension, torquey but efficient 2.8 litre 4-cylinder turbo diesel and 6 speed manual or optional auto boxes with the HiLux.

From the B-pillar back the Fortuner is unique, featuring 5-link coil rear suspension replacing the leaf springs in the HiLux, but with huge travel for the heavy-duty off-road stuff and 225mm ground clearance. 

With a braked towing capacity of up to 3000kgs the Fortuner will easily handle anything I’m likely to want to haul around – and then some.

Off-road the Fortuner will do pretty much anything a Landcruiser or Prado will do (it shares an engine with the Prado too) but with starting prices for the GX variant under $48k (plus on-roads) Toyota is making sure a diesel-engine hard-core 4WD vehicle of this quality, reliability, refinement and safety is affordable for Tassie families not able to stretch it up to a Prado or ‘Cruiser.

In the end it was a no-brainer.

So a huge warm outdoorsy Tassie-type welcome to the newest member of the team – the TasTalks Toyota Fortuner.

I’ll post some video, pics and more detailed reviews of the many Fortuner features under various driving conditions and from some of the most picturesque parts of our state over the coming months as Tasmania Talks hits the road.

Stay (For)tuner’d!

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Why Gowans Toyota?

I’m thrilled to partner Tasmania Talks with Gowans Toyota, an established and trusted name in the auto industry in the North West region of Tassie for almost 50 years now.

Gowans Toyota is a family business – the only family-owned and operated Toyota dealer in Tasmania, in fact. I like that.

The Gowans family prides itself on superior sales, service and customer care and has been a keen supporter of the local community in ways that bring genuine benefits to the local community.

Located conveniently at Devonport and Burnie, Gowans Toyota is worth the drive when you need a new Tassie-tough Toyota or quality used car – you will drive out knowing you’ve got a better vehicle and a better deal through a better dealer.

Gowans will make sure your Toyota ownership experience is unmatched.

Pop in, say g’day to the friendly team at Gowans Toyota and take a new Tassie-tough Fortuner for a test drive while you’re there.

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