On the Road with Gowans Motor Group

| Fortuner thanks to Gowans Toyota at Devonport and Burnie Welcome to the newest Tas Talks segment - car of the week! Brian speaks to sales consultant Tristan Hutton from Gowans Toyota at Burnie to reveal the car with the most promise. Can you guess the car before you listen to the answer? For your...
| Thank you to Gowans Toyota, Devonport and Burnie Much of the first week in the TasTalks Fortuner was spent in and around town. The high ride height provides a commanding driving position but you never feel like you're sitting 'on top of' the Fortuner. It's much more cosseting and...
| Has Brian discovered the toughest Tasmanian car? Follow his travels in the Tas Talks Fortuner to find out!

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