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When big companies get it wrong: refunds and freebies


 Sometimes big companies get it wrong. Whether it's a Tim Tam without the chocolate or a cup with a lid that doesn't stay on properly, things sometimes just aren't as they should be.

Brian Carlton discusses a matter that has been ongoing with Telstra for 15 months, where he has $15 credit from an old mobile. He would like this to be refunded, but every month Telstra says that he has credit.

Twitter listener Annie Wells also posted this during the show:

@Spoonyman I got coffee cups that leaked at lid, dropping tiny coffee stains on clothes. One day I whinged on facebook. This happened next. pic.twitter.com/1lEom9mlhq

— AnnieLWells (@anniepinkstorm) April 21, 2017

Have you ever had any luck getting a refund or freebie from a company?

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