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CHAC taking on non-aboriginal members, allege TAC


The Circular Head Aboriginal Corporation has been accused of encouraging people to join their organisation with little research into their aboriginal heritage.

CEO of the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre Heather Sculthorpe says that this is the reason for a 20% increase in Aboriginals in Circular Head as described in the 2017 Census results. 

She believes that association with CHAC has encouraged individuals to identify as Aboriginal on the census, even though they might not be. The question is, is this fradulent?

Brian Carlton talks to Ms Sculthorpe about the calls for a forensic census audit and these claims.

"There is a real issue of fraud that does have to arise you see such a remarkable, proportional increase," says Ms Sculthorpe.

"Are people in Smithton being encouraged to identify as aboriginal, whether they have any claim to that or not, in order to increase the population of aboriginals, increase their membership list and so on, and hence... to bring all this money into Smithton."

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