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Lambie says JLN open to talking to both major parties in event of hung parliament, as she announces her Bass candidates

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This morning, Jacqui Lambie has unveiled her candidates for Bass in the upcoming State election.

Michelle Hoult, Daniel Groat, Joshua Hoy, and Gary Madden have all put their hands up to run in the Bass electorate, and each candidate comes from a different walk of life.

Ms Lambie and her candidates join Brian Carlton in the Tasmania Talks studio for an official introduction.

Brian also questions whether Jacqui would be open to being the king/queenmaker in a minority Government, after both major parties have made it clear they will not partner with the Greens.

“We’re certainly open to working with anybody…to make sure that Tasmania gets what it needs, and to make Tasmania a better state for the future.” Jacqui says, though she has not yet been approached by either party.

Listen as Jacqui introduces her new candidates one by one, and they share why they have made the decision to step up as political candidates.

Image of Jacqui used with permission.

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