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WATCH: Shocking near miss between bus of school children and semi-trailer at Symmons Plains

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There was a scary near miss between a semi-trailer and a school bus near Symmons Plains on Tuesday.

The Primary School All Schools Cross Country event was held at Symmons Plains on Tuesday this week, with thousands of school kids, parents and teachers all in attendance. Tasmania Police put out warnings for motorists to be aware of heavy traffic in the area, however it seems not everyone took heed of the message.

After Tasmania Talks listener John raises concerns about the traffic with Brian Carlton, Glenn from Perth calls in. Glenn was the driver of the semi-trailer in this near miss, and he tells the story of what could have been a horrifying accident.

*The High School All Schools Cross Country will be held this coming Tuesday, 3 July. We urge everyone heading to the event, and driving on the roads this weekend, to think twice about potentially dangerous decisions on the road and to take care.

Footage: De Bruyn's Transport

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