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Powerless: Elizabeth Town man awaiting action from United on power pole issue

Image: The red circled pole and the fence pictured are reportedly located on Peter's land - Supplied

Last Tuesday, Brian Carlton heard from Elizabeth Town resident Peter Harrison, who was concerned about a private power pole that had been installed on his property without his permission. The pole had reportedly been put there by his neighbour, a local United service station.

Peter claimed this isn’t the first issue he’d had with United, as a fence had also been installed across his property a number of years ago.

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Image: The red circled cinder block marks where Peter's boundary peg is located - Supplied

Despite numerous attempts to rectify the issue with United Petroleum, Peter had not heard back from them until a few days after his Tasmania Talks interview went to air.

Listen as Peter updates Brian Carlton on the situation, and Brian shares the response Tasmania Talks received from the company as well.

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