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FETTKE: ‘We need to burn this thing to the ground, and have a phoenix rise out of the ashes’

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The health and food industries need to be burnt ‘to the ground, and have a phoenix rise out of the ashes,’ says orthopaedic surgeon Gary Fettke.

Dr Fettke has recently been cleared of all charges by Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA), after being banned from giving his patients dietary advice.

Because of the issues Dr Fettke has faced with AHPRA, he firmly believes that peak industry bodies need to cut ties with corporate bodies. In a shock move yesterday, The Dietician’s Association of Australia announced that they would be doing just that.

Dr Gary Fettke joins Brian Carlton this morning to talk about how these issues in our health and food industries can be overhauled, pointing to a potential Royal Commission.

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