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Five confirmed cases of Barmah Forest virus, with warning to remain vigilant on the East Coast

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There are now five confirmed cases of Barmah Forest virus in Tasmania, with another two cases being investigated.

A warning about the virus from the Department of Public Health was issued last Friday, stating that the Barmah Forest virus is contracted via mosquitos. It is believed the virus is currently contained to the East Coast, from the Scamander to Diana’s Basin area.

Symptoms of the virus include joint pain and swelling, tiredness, rash, headaches and muscle pain.

Dr Faline Howes, Director of Clinical Health for Public Health Services, speaks with Brian Carlton this morning about the virus, what you should be aware of, and the trapping work the Department is doing with UTAS.

If you think you may have this virus, please see your GP. If you want further information, please call the Public Health Hotline on 1800 671 738.

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