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Cats on the Nut: Stanley to tackle feral cat issue

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The Circular Head Council, Parks and Wildlife and Cradle Coast Authority are partnering up to tackle the issues of feral cats in Circular Head – particularly in Stanley.

The issue of feral cats on the Nut, as well as domestic cats in town, has become an issue for the tourism icon’s wildlife. Projects will soon be underway to gather more data on the feral cats in the area, and how they can be eradicated.

Haylee Kaplan, North-West Regional Coordinator for the Tasmanian Cat Management Plan, talks with Brian Carlton this morning about the issue of feral cats in Stanley, and also what responsible cat owners can do to stop their pet causing harm.

There will be public meeting in Stanley this Saturday, March 16 from 10am at the Stanley Town Hall for people to learn more about this project. The meeting will also provide free collars for cat owners if you do not already have one.

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