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Former Tasmanian angry over Qantas treatment when visiting dying mother

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A former Tasmanian has been left angry and saddened by treatment his sister received from Qantas airlines when trying to get to Tasmania to see her dying mother.

Hayden Stafford’s mother suffered a stroke, and the family were told that she sadly would not survive. Hayden’s sister lives in Kuala Lumpur (KL), and she quickly made plans to travel to Hobart.

Upon arriving in Melbourne from KL, Hayden’s sister realised it would be some hours until she could get to Hobart to see her dying mother, and decided to try to make an earlier flight down. She called Qantas to say she would not be flying that leg of the trip, but did not require a refund.

Qantas told her that if she did not fly the pre-booked trip from Melbourne to Hobart, her return trip home to KL would also be cancelled.

Hayden talks to Brian Carlton this morning about the upsetting treatment, and says he wishes the airline had showed some compassion, given the situation and that there was no financial loss to Qantas.

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