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Pill testing: ‘The only thing stopping this from moving forward is the political will to make it happen’

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The only thing stopping pill testing in Australia from moving forward is the ‘political will to make it happen,’ according to CEO of the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs Council of Tasmania, Alison Lai.

Hobart City Council is looking to pass a motion which would demonstrate their support for pill testing at festivals and events within the municipality. However, with the state government firmly opposed to the practice, this show of support could lead to nothing concrete.

Alison speaks to Rick Fontyn this morning about how pill testing works, and says that the process does not at any point tell young people that a pill is safe to take. She also says that if the State Government were to agree, pill testing could be set up in time for Falls Festival in December.

Tasmania Talks listeners also weigh in with their views on pill testing.

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