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Bill Casimaty: a man with ‘huge energy’, big involvement in community and an icon in agriculture

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Bill Casimaty may not be a name familiar to you, but his work his known and loved by millions of people world-wide.

The Tasmanian man passed away on the weekend at the age of 83, and is being remembered as an icon in the agricultural industry.

Bill studied turf farming, and founded the company StrathAyr Turf. StrathAyr turf has gone on to be used in renowned sports stadiums and tracks such as Lords in England, the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Suncorp Stadium, Flemington and Sandown, as well as locally such as the Mowbray racetrack.

Bill’s eldest son Frank is now the Managing Director of StrathAyr Turf, and he joins Rick Fontyn this morning to reflect on the life of Bill Casimaty. Frank describes Bill as a man with ‘big energy’, who was heavily involved in his community.

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