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Grace Tame calls for change to ‘maintaining a relationship with a young person’ offence wording, supports min man sentences for sex offenders

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Sexual abuse survivor Grace Tame is among a coalition of voices calling for changes to the wording of the ‘maintaining a sexual relationship with a young person’ offence.

Grace’s story of sexual abuse has been well documented over the last week or two, after she won the right to tell her story under her own name through the Supreme Court. At the age of 15, she was repeatedly abused by her teacher Nicholaas Bester, who was eventually sentenced to two years and ten months jail for the crime.

The offence ‘maintaining a relationship with a young person’ is still used in TAS, QLD, ACT and NT. Other jurisdictions use the term ‘persistent sexual abuse of a child.’

Grace speaks to Brian Carlton this morning about why it’s so important to have this wording changed. She also says that she supports minimum mandatory sentences for child sex offenders.

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