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Can we defend our own country? Calls to test our abilities

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640px Canberra B.20 VH ZSQ 2008 Australian Defence Force Air Show

With international tension between several major players growing, there are calls to test Australia's ability to defend our country.

A new report from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASSPI) released today calls for just that. Report author Dr John Coyne says that it has been a while that defence has been looked at seriously in Australia, and that we need to invest in defence in northern Australia to make sure we are adequately protected.

Dr Coyne, Head of Strategic Policing and Law Enforcement and head of the North and Australia's Security for ASPI, speaks to Brian Carlton about the report and defence issues we may potentially face. 

Image: By Robert Frola - Flickr, GFDL, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=32492683

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