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Money must go to Tamar River before moving tanks at Mac Point , says Launceston MLC

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Money must go to cleaning up the Tamar River before worrying about the aesthetic of moving tanks at Hobart’s Macquarie Point, according to Launceston MLC Rosemary Armitage.

Whilst there has been lots of talk and promises regarding the clean-up of the Tamar Estuary, Ms Armitage says that it’s time to stop commissioning reports that just collect dust and take action.

 There are several issues surrounding the health of the Tamar River, with raw sewerage one of the main concerns. It is estimated that $200 million will be needed to upgrade the current sewage treatment plant or build a new one.

Rosemary speaks to Brian Carlton this morning about the issue, and compares the lack of effort on the Tamar River to the quick response to sewerage in the Derwent River last week.

 Tasmania Talks listeners also weigh in with their thoughts on the Tamar River.

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