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Mother voices safety concerns after son injured at Riverbend Park


A few weeks ago, Tasmania Talks listener Rick from Ravenswood called in voicing his concerns over the safety of the slide at Riverbend Park.

Now, a Beaconsfield mother has spoken out, warning others that the slide is unsafe, after her 17-year-old son sustained a serious knee injury late last month.

Jane’s son, a 6 foot, 90 kilogram male, got his leg caught on the bend of the slide when he couldn’t slow himself down. He is now waiting to meet with an orthopaedic surgeon to determine the next steps in his recovery.

Listen as Jane joins Brian Carlton to discuss the concerning incident, and what needs to be done to ensure no one else gets hurt on the slide.

Off the back of Brian’s chat with Jane, other Tasmania Talks listeners call in to discuss the slide, including original caller, Rick from Ravenswood.

Have you had a bad experience at the slide?

Image: Sharon Symons.

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