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‘We value life much more than they value life,’ says Washington-based Iran analyst

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Iran has been making headlines recently with everything from terrorism, to the seizure of oil tankers, and border clashes with Lebanon and Syria.

So how much of a threat does Iran pose – not just on the region, but the rest of the world?

Behnam Taleblu says quite a significant one.

Benham is a Senior Fellow at Washington think-tank, the Foundation for Defence of Democracies, and he specialises in Iranian security and political issues.

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On line from Sydney, Behnam joins Brian Carlton for a wide-ranging chat about Iran.

Listen as Behnam states that the country shouldn’t be underestimated, and that Iran’s value for life is much less than our own.

Images: Courtesy of Brian Carlton from his trip to the region with the Australia Israel Jewish Affairs Council.

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