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Health Minister reaches out to mother of 11-year-old burn victim – but still no solution to excessive surgery wait time

2019 10 08

11-year-old Spencer Connelly and his older brother Fletcher were victims of a horrific arson attack back in 2012.

Both boys are recovering well, however as Spencer suffered burns to nearly 40% of his body, he needs regular contracture surgeries to release his skin grafts.

The first two procedures saw Spencer waiting approximately 6-8 weeks, but due to increased hospital wait lists, Spencer has so far been waiting 16 months for his third surgery.

As skin grafts don’t grow with the body, this is becoming quite problematic for a growing Spencer.

Spencer’s mum, Alison McGee, says the injuries are preventing him from freely moving his neck, which is affecting everything in his life from swimming, to crossing the street.

Listen as Alison joins Rick Fontyn on Tasmania Talks to discuss the urgent need for Spencer’s surgery so he can get back to his life, ready to start high school next year.

Alison says after writing to the Health Department a few months back, she finally had a conversation with Health Minister Sarah Courtney yesterday. However, unless something is done to relieve the excessive wait times, Spencer will need to continue to wait.

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