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Help map Tassie frogs this FrogID Week

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This FrogID Week, the Australian Museum is calling on you to take part in Australia’s biggest frog count.

By downloading the FrogID app, and recording frog calls, you can provide scientists with valuable data to assist with the protection and conservation of our frogs.

Frogs are an indicator of environmental health, and every recording submitted through the app will be identified to help to map frogs across the country.

Jodi Rowley, a frog biologist at the Australian Museum, says these amphibians ultimately yell out what species they are with their calls, and all we have to do is listen.

Joining Rick Fontyn on Tasmania Talks, Jodi discusses the FrogID app, how you can get involved, and what to listen out for.

For more information or to download the FrogID app, click here.

Image: Supplied.

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