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Teddy Sheean supporters hopeful for positive VC decision, despite $30,000+ panelist payments


Garry Ivory, nephew of Tasmanian World War II hero Teddy Sheean, says he’s “more anxious than ever, and more hopeful than ever,” awaiting the decision of the Prime Minister’s expert panel this Friday.

The Prime Minister established the four-person panel last month to review whether Teddy Sheean should be awarded a Victoria Cross for his bravery, after the Federal Government knocked back recommendations by the Defence Honours and Awards Appeals Tribunal to do so.

The Prime Minister is now receiving public backlash after contracts for two of the four panellists were made public, revealing they’re each being paid more than $31,000 for the six-week review.

Listen as Garry joins Aaron Stevens to share his thoughts on the news, stating he hopes it doesn’t overshadow what is hopefully a positive decision from the panel this Friday.

Veterans’ Affairs Minister, Guy Barnett, who has fought for 17 years to have Teddy Sheean’s bravery recognised, says he believes Teddy should have already been awarded the Victoria Cross.

“We had a unanimous Defence Honours and Awards Appeals Tribunal report and recommendation in support of a Victoria Cross for Teddy Sheean,” he says.

Minister Barnett tells Aaron Stevens he’s “very, very hopeful” the panel will rule in Teddy’s favour this week, especially considering new and compelling evidence.

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