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Health Dept sends in reinforcements for COVID-19 tests, provides advice on booking the jab

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Yesterday Tasmania Talks heard numerous reports of listeners experiencing significant delays at their local COVID-19 testing clinic, as well as on the Public Health Hotline.

This is due to the COVID-19 outbreak in Queensland requiring Tasmanian travellers who have recently visited a hot spot to get tested.

Listen as Secretary of the Department of Health, Kathrine Morgan-Wicks, joins Mike O’Loughlin to reassure Tasmanians that reinforcements are now in place to handle the increase in numbers.

Tasmania Talks listener Graham from Devonport also raised the issue on Mike’s Soapbox yesterday that he's been unable to book in for his COVID-19 jab, despite being eligible.

Kathrine also provides advice to Tasmanians awaiting the jab and struggling to get an appointment.

For more information on booking a COVID-19 test or vaccination, click here.

Listen to MIke's conversation with Kathrine here:

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